The Story

Once upon a time, a young African boy dreamt of building a village for adventurous dreamers, those who turn dreams into action and dare to co-create a better world, a place to live in harmony with yourself and nature. He visualizes his dream into a giant mural artwork. After decades of finding his path... Dream Village became a reality. A community, a school, a hiding place, a hub and a home... Until… Find the full story in Zongo-Biography of an African dreamer And the story continues...

Together we  create the world we all dream of! 

The world is changing and we need innovative solutions to heal our communities and our planet. A fair, inclusive, and diverse future is possible, but it starts with us. Take action now by building one community at a time and connecting them to create a global consortium. Alternatives already exist, but it's time to step out of our comfort zones and co-create the future together. Join us in this endeavour and make a difference in the world.

   Discover the unknown..

Our Milestones
Trees Planted
Community Projects
Youth Trained